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Last month I was lucky enough to spend some time with the RVCA team in Melbourne.


On a Friday morning I was flown down to join them for a lovely breakfast in one of the most beautifully designed homes i've ever seen. I'm a huge lover of architecture and interior design so special to step foot inside the incredible Walsh Street House, also known as the Boyd House II which was designed by Robin Boyd in 1958.

Think a wooden delight as a private indoor-outdoor sanctuary filled with lush light, greenery, citrus trees and a stunning courtyard smack bang in the middle. My dream home.

Here we ate croissants, fresh fruit, bagels and drank some bubbles as we viewed their latest Fall/Winter 2018 collection. A dreamy lineup of mustards, reds, light linen, 70's inspired denim, soft hemp blend t-shirts and khaki jumpsuits.

Next up - time to eat again! We were spoilt with the sweetest sit down lunch by Cutler and Co alongside the rest of the gang for the day where we got an introduction to the RVCA Artist Network Program to see all the amazing things that they do. Finished off with cheese, wine and the most insane chocolate cake i've ever eaten of course.

We had some spare time during the afternoon which were certainly spent walking up and down the streets of Brunswick and Fitzroy visiting every single vintage store I could find, stumbling across new found favourite book stores and furniture stores. If only I could fit a couch in my suitcase on the plane.

Later that night we ventured over to the RVCA Corner Gallery in Collingwood for the opening night of 'Springtime' curated by Melissa Grisancich! I always love the vibe of the art and music scene in Melbourne - bursting with creative energy, incredible food and bright city lights.


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